Old Glory gets Seahawks facelift from Seattle artist


‘Old Glory’ gets Seahawks facelift from Seattle artist


'Old Glory' gets Seahawks facelift from Seattle artist

Credit: Travis Pittman / KING

Franklin Romero of Honduras, left, and Christian Hill of Seattle display one of Hill’s flags on Staten Island with Manhattan in the distance. Hill creates these flags which bring a new take on the American flag.


Posted on January 31, 2014 at 12:04 PM


STATEN ISLAND, NY – You may have seen them on gamedays at CenturyLink Field – American flags given a new look for the 12s.

They are not red, white and blue. They are blue and green. The stars and stripes are still there, but with an added kick of a Seattle Seahawks logo and the prominent No. 12.

It’s quite the facelift for Old Glory.

Christian Hill of Seattle is the man behind them.

Hill is in New York this week with his friend, Franklin Romero of Honduras, hoping to score some last-minute tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Hill, who has twelve siblings, says he got the bug to create from his father, Frank D. Hill.

“My dad was a father first, a biker second,” said Christian. But a motorcycle accident turned him toward working with art.

Frank’s biker name was “Outlaw,” which is the inspiration for the name of Christian’s business, Outlawflags.

Christian’s trip to New York is as much as spiritual journey as it is a sports journey.

“When I come to the Super Bowl, we’re representing all the people of the past that have passed away. Our loved ones. My father,” said Christian. “We’re bringing the spirit of all the people. There was a person on Facebook that lost their son named Colin, 2 years old. So I brought the spirit of Colin back here, too, because they were planning a Super Bowl trip and the kid passed away in his sleep on Tuesday.”

Christian says he’s been working with former Seahawks kicker Norm Johnson to create a promotional flag for Johnson’s “12th Man Beer.”

If you’re interested in Christian’s flags, you can email him here.


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