Frank Hill


OUTLAW of the 90’s


After his parents divorced in 1951. he lived in rural Oregon. Washington. Texas. and Utah while attending public schools. In the eighth grade. he received second place honors in an Oregon school Art Contest.

Since coming to Seattle in 1961. Mr Hill has painted intermittently for his own satisfaction in a primitive art form. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force. His traveling exposed him to Texas. Illinois. Johnson Island. Jordan. and Vietnam. While in Vietnam. he won the Base Poster contest with his unpretentious approach to art. Given the opportunity. he visited Hong Kona. Lebanon. Libya. and Taiwan for exposure to other cultures.

A serious vehicle accident in 1988 changed Mr Hill’s ability to continue traditional employment. Within two years. he became a serious painter using the artist signature “OUTLAW” which meant to him “without a following” or “unconventional”. His paintings are also called naive art. often originate in rural areas. from a simple principle unencumbered by academic rules or conventions. The work of this self-taught painter reflect an innocent yet fanciful eye. The Artist works directly from his experience. his environment. his imagination. He creates visual images of the world around him or the’ world of his imagination without barrier or tradition. This is what gives his primitive paintings their immediacy. their delightful surprise. Always challenging the larger world from his Rainier Valley home. where he lives with wife Melva and children. he continues to improve his own original mixed media technique.

In 1990. he enjoyed successes with a Preview and acceptance into the highly acclaimed Issaquah Salmon Days juried art show. He has a permanent showing of his art work hung on the walls of Bryant’s Restaurant. at 4868 Rainier Avenue South. Seattle. Washington. This opportunity to feature Mr Hill’s work is used primarily to enhance the enjoyment of viewer who may increasingly appreciate the major exponents as a serious art form.

Some Critics have referred to Mr Hill’s work as the Van Gough of the 90’s. Frank Hill (Outlaw) is showing his works of art in Issaquah at The Little Shoope Gallery. 640 N.W. Locust. Issaquah. Washington through November 1991.